Free Recruiting Websites

You don’t need to pay for your recruiting profile, there are great free resources available to you! Please check these free recruiting websites: – This is the most important website to keep up to date. When coaches are recruiting at an event it is likely they are using University Athlete to find information about players. You will need your USAV number to create an account. – Allows you to post your information and video. You can copy your link and quickly and easily email it out to coaches. Coaches will need a verified account to view your information. This verified account keeps your information secure. – You can create a free profile at NCSA. Add-ons available for a fee. 


The Junior Volleyball Associate has complied a great list of resources for players looking to get recruited. From interactive maps showing schools with programs, to articles on finding a program that’s the right fit, to FAQ for playing division I, and everything in between. 

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